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The Curtain Shim Testimonials

“I legitimately OWN this product and it works!! If you're looking for a non-damaging curtain solution...THIS IS IT!!”

Fallon Y.

Client Review via Facebook

"Exactly what I wanted. We have concrete walls and can't use screws bc we are renting."

Katie L.

Client Review via Etsy

"This is awesome.  I bought one just to see if it would work with my blinds and was surprised how ease if was to use.  I’ll be ordering more."

Marnette Z.

Client Review via Email

"I wanted to hang some curtains in new rental house but not mount anything. These were recommended to try, I posted pics to show in the beginning my blinds have the cover which prevented placing the shim in correctly. After popping the removable cover off as you can see in the next pic the shim worked perfectly. I was able to hang curtains within minutes using these. I would highly recommend. Hopefully, the pictures help."


Client Review via Amazon

a blue set of curtains on a silver curtain rod wuing the curtain shim in a rental property
a window cover at the top of blinds
a white blinds with a wire ready for a window treatment with a pair of curtain shims
the curtain shim properly installed with no damage or drilling required
a white shelf with a white wall
a window cover at the top of blinds
"These curtain rod shims work wonderfully. I’ll be ordering more of them from this seller AA++"


Client Review via Etsy

"Great product. I found it was very easy and simple to use. Plus it's all eco friendly which is a big plus to me."


Client Review via Amazon

Renting, I cannot put holes in the walls. The shims work perfectly with the existing blinds and now I have more privacy with curtains.


Client Review via Google

We almost returned all of our curtain supplies after we failed drilling into our bedroom wall. But the Curtain Shim came to the rescue! We use three of them to hold up black out curtains and have had better sleep ever since. Super simple to install, though our blinds aren't even, I guess, so the Shims move around on one end of the blinds. Conveniently, we don't pull hard on our blinds; everything has stayed up nicely for over a month.

Jasmine M.

Client Review via Our Website


Client Review via Etsy

The Plant Shim Testimonials

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 4.37.30 PM.png
"Works great. Good price and fast shipping"


Client Review via Etsy

"The plant shim is incredible! I was searching the market for plant holders, and to my luck I found your product. Our plants love hanging in the sunlight, and I am a big fan of a No tools required installation! The entire process was a breeze, shipping was prompt, and the Owner even followed up to ensure I was happy with my purchase! I highly recommend Plant Shim!"

Justin M.

Client Review via Etsy

"Love love love this plant holder!!"

Sherri G.

Client Review via Etsy

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 2.29.11 PM.png

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