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About Us

Our Easy-To-Use Products Are Designed To Save Time And Can Be Used Without Damage To Walls Or Window Framing


Our products were designed to fit all kinds of windows and make installation a breeze requiring no tools, no drilling, no measuring, and no leveling all with no damage to walls or window mouldings. The Curtain Shim and The Plant Shim are the perfect solution for busy homeowners or renters who don’t want to invest in expensive tools and equipment. Check out our How To Use section and see how The Curtain Shim can make your life easier.

a woman putting up pale green curtains on a silver curtain rod using the curtain shim

About Robert Zuchel

Lavender Frog LLC, The Company, was born from the idea “There’s got to be a better, simpler way”.

 Robert Zuchel, the inventor of The Curtain Shim, was sitting in his apartment looking at the windows wanting to dress them up, but he was apprehensive about putting holes in the walls to hang a curtain rod. I was staring at the windows when “the space between the blinds and the window frame jumped out at me”, he said. That’s how the idea for The Curtain Shim was born.

 The Curtain Shim makes hanging curtains easy because it requires:

*No Tools.   *No Measuring.  *No Drilling.  *No Leveling.

All without causing damage to walls or window moulding and it has no moving parts. Just slide it between the window frame and your installed blinds. That's it!

Since the introduction of The Curtain Shim, he has added another product to the Lavender Frog family, The Plant Shim, which has the same easy installation as The Curtain Shim, but designed to enhance your home with beautiful hanging plants.

Throughout his process to initiate this idea, he developed a work ethic and Motto that he calls K.I.S. (Keep It Simple). Not only does Robert strive to K.I.S., but he also feels we are all responsible for this planet that supports us, therefore he strives to make all components of The Curtain Shim, The Plant Shim, and their packaging as Eco-friendly as possible. And everything is proudly made in the USA.

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